Happy chinese new year – the year of the goat or the sheep?

Wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year – the year of the goat!!:)But I hear lots of people asking, is it the goat or the sheep?? Great question. Well, to me, it’s definitely the goat. Why? Because back in those days, sheep never existed in China. So there we go, problem solved, it’s the year of the goat 😛

Here’s little T heading off to Chinese New Years Eve dinner dressed all in red. In the Chinese culture, red symbolises happiness and good fortune – so there she is, probably happy to eat lots of yummy food and looking forward to receiving all the red packets filled with money! There’s the happiness and good fortune 😛

And what’s with all that salmon sashimi and the salad with grain waves sprinkled over it?? Well, in certain Asian cultures, all these ingredients are mixed together and tossed at Chinese new year. It’s believed that the higher you toss it, the more prosperous you’ll get in the new year! Thus, sometimes it’s called the “Prosperity Toss”. Happy tossing everyone!! If you missed out, keep practising your chopsticks skills, there’s always next year!:)