One of the biggest photography reflectors ever??

What’s this doing on our blog??

Okay, I’ve got nothing against this building, but really, it’s just an ordinary looking building in suburban Sydney. Isn’t it? Well, yes and no.

This building actually faces a lovely park, and as you can see, it’s got the full sun beaming onto it, and it’s got a big metallic surface. For those of you who might be into photography, you can probably see where I’m heading to. (And if you also read the title of this blog post!). There was a lot of light bouncing off this building, and it became a big beautiful source of diffused light.

To me, this building was one of the biggest photography reflectors I’ve ever used. But honestly, I don’t normally use reflectors for my style of photography except when I photograph in a studio. Though what’s to say I can’t experiment, do things a bit differently sometimes and have a bit of fun?

So out comes my camera, and I take a few shots. And you might even notice the lovely soft light bouncing off this “reflector” lighting up my scene! 😛