Should you have a second photographer?

It is not essential to have a second photographer. I can cover a wedding myself without any problems at all. However, there are benefits to having a second photographer, and here are some reasons:

– an extra pair of eyes to be creative with shots and help to check details during a shot, e.g. Primary photographer may have a direct angle wedding portrait focusing on bride and groom while the second photographer emphasises the bride’s expression from a side angle.

– different angles of key moments especially when primary can only be at one place at one time, e.g. back of bride’s dress and groom’s frontal expression during processional.

– variety of shots of the same moment: primary photographer may grab a wide angle while the second photographer captures a tight portrait of the same moment.

– without the added responsibility of a primary photographer in directing and using time to setup each shot, a second photographer has more time and freedom to take candid shots and be creative.

– some bride and grooms take comfort knowing there are two photographers capturing key moments instead of one photographer.

I hope this has helped you make a decision.

If you ask, do most of our bride and groom’s have a second photographer? YES.

But as I said, is it essential? NO.

I guess it comes down to your personal preference and how much you value the benefits!

Let me know what you think!


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