The jumping bridal party!

Hi friends, I always love trying out different things and being creative in many ways, so here’s something that’s totally new on our blog!! How is it new? Because the photo moves!! It’s the bridal party from Ramzy and Esther’s wedding when I asked them to jump and I thought it’d be pretty cool to show those photos this way.

Now because the file size of this image is quite large, I’m hoping the photo will load properly each time, so let’s see how it goes! And feel free to give me feedback if it’s not working properly.

It’s always risky putting ‘moving things’ on the blog because it might irritate some people, but hopefully it’d make you smile at least, especially if you focus in on one person and watch them do the whole jump from start to end… it really put a big smile on my face!

So here’s to Ramzy and Esther and their gorgeous jumpy bridal party! Enjoy:)