Why a photographer’s job is NOT to just take photos – commercial photography

A photographer’s job is not just to take photos. Clicking the shutter is the most easy part I’d say – anybody can press a button! 😛

Here’s a recent project I had, to take photos of an accounting firm in a traditionally styled Sydney office block. The photos are for their website, and everybody knows the importance of quality photos for a company website, which is what gives people their first impression of your business.

For the most part of my time here, my camera was packed away. What??

So what was I doing? I started off visualising the best aspects of the office to photograph, then re-locating small furniture to ensure consistency, moving boxes and files, cleaning and dusting tables, taking posters off walls, aligning books and basically setting up each shot so they’re styled perfectly to make the office look the best.

Then I took out my camera, found the best angle, ensured the office was lit correctly, and took my photos.

Should I then go on to the editing, like removing stuck-on blu tac, and with the boss’ permission and consent, removing an unsightly whiteboard and ‘photoshopping’ their own picture frame onto the wall etc…? 😛 Some people might say it’s not authentic then. Well, in my opinion, it’s just like cleaning up the house, taking down and putting up certain ornaments before an open home to present it the best possible. They could’ve physically did that themselves if they wanted! 😛

So here we go, a photographer’s job is not just to take photos. Nevertheless I LOVE my job!!! Tim:)

ho chung - February 12, 2015 - 9:52 pm

Truly professional !!